Welcome to Etqan Healthcare Solutions of Saudi Arabia

a Member of the Emitac Group of Companies headquartered in Dubai, UAE. Our mission is to provide superior, cost-effective services and solutions to the healthcare community, contribute to transforming the delivery of care and improve partners’ experience through innovative & digitalized concepts to be executed by passionate employees who strive to support customers and are proud of working for us.

With full support from Emitac Healthcare Solutions, UAE’s leading healthcare solutions provider, Etqan is uniquely positioned in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the largest healthcare market in the region. We have partnered with some of the most reputable healthcare brands in the world, such as Brainlab, Stanley, Vocera, Airgle and Matachana. We come with decades of expertise and experience in providing the most innovative healthcare solutions in the region. Our aim is to improve the quality of life.

Our future plan is to expand our business presence to other parts of the kingdom, as well as other parts of GCC.

Thank you for your interest.

I assure you that we at Etqan will continue our commitment to deliver the best & state-of-the-art healthcare solutions & services to your institutions.

Mohd Kenanah